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Music Development Program

Offers programming in film and video production, engineering, song writing, and performance training.  At the end of the program, participants showcase their creations through video or performance.
No Gun Smoke School Tour’s Music Development Program provides students with access to the music industries affluent artists, DJ’s and producers to help facilitate students to record music and understand the nuances of the music industry.  The Music Development Team, which consists of the music industry’s affluent producers to provide robust programming to get participants learning and creating music.  Program participants will partake in creating a song that can be showcased to the school at the end of the program.   Creating a song can create a sense of pride and connectivity to the school and spark students’ interests in their academics. Students will discover the benefits of the Music Development Program as it enriches their lives.  Meaningful engagement in arts education can have a life-changing impact on teens while benefiting their academic enrichment and community involvement. 

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